Who is Ancient Art Invest

“Time has left only shards,
artifacts arts among them,
mysterious legacy of our ancestors.”

As part of Ancient Art Invest services we carry out the management of investment, corporate, business, family and private art collections with a focus on the ancient art.

In our managed collections we assure and provide:

  1. consulting on investing in the ancient art, recommendation and selection of investment and collection items.
  2. inclusion of collection and investment subjects in the collection, description of the items, appreciation of the subjects, preservation and restoration of subjects and other activities regarding the management of art collection
  3. scientific research and archeometric analysis of subjects in collection
  4. issue of the protocol of authenticity and dating to the investment subject of the ancient art in one of the two independent dating laboratories in the EU (TL, OSL / IR, C14 radiocarbon dating, etc..)
  5. arranging of the necessary documents for the sale and export of investment subjects of the ancient art. It means a description of the subject and the certificate of permanent export of cultural subjects issued by archaeologist and museum of the Czech Republic, subsequently a permit for permanent export of subjects with a cultural property to the EU and to the third countries issued by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic. All is in accordance with applicable laws and agreements valid in EU, Czech Republic, UNESCO and the relevant countries.
  6. We prepare electronic auctions of investment subjects of the ancient art in support of charity, science and research
  7. We arrange sales of subjects of the ancient art outside the auction sales

Are you scanning of no effects the world auctions and selling galleries for interesting artifacts of the investment value? Contact us! If the requested subject or subject of similar value is present or will be found in our managed portfolio collections, we will contact the owner with an offer for sale. Upon mutual interest we can arrange the sale of the subject outside the auction sale.

Our policies

We keep, promote and manage the investment extension INEX.

This is a closed-end investment standard for investment in the ancient art. It is created and designed as an investment superstructure of CINOA and international UNESCO Convention 1972 and UNIDROIT Convention 1995. INEX was founded in 2010 and is managed by QUANTENEL s.r.o., group of investors in the ancient art and the owners of collections of the ancient art.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is to keeping the sanctity and cult value of the ancient art. Investing and acquiring collections of the ancient art should respect the original status of the subject – the iconic secret. Its presentation in collections, between the buyer and the seller should keep the confidentiality and the respect for the subject. As once upon a time there existed a mysterious and holy respect and the relationship between the creator and giver of the subject, or between the sacrificial and cult subject, the Mother of the Earth and deity. The investor and owner of the Ancient Art should be its protectors and guardians of the mysterious legacy of our ancestors.

Our visions

We would like that the Ancient Art Invest service has established itself and through the auctions acted as an intermediary ancient art that helps solve the critical living situation of the current people. We want present the ancient art – the art of our ancestors as an investment tool that helps some people in need through the charity, implements contemporary ideas and ideas through the support for science and research.